From today’s Observer:

“Downing Street had still not resolved a cabinet row over how to handle the bill yesterday. But it is expected that the time allotted for debate will be so sharply curtailed that dozens of rival abortion amendments tabled by both sides in the argument will not be put to a vote, meaning that the law is likely to stay unchanged.

Pro-choice MPs had been increasingly confident they could win a vote on scrapping the rule that two doctors must consent to a termination, making it easier for women to get the procedure. However, both sides now appear fearful of tampering with the law, with pro-choice MPs worried that even if they won they would give the Lords a chance to reopen the debate and introduce more restrictions.”

I really hope this isn’t going to happen, and that pro-choice MPs are not going to back down from trying to get improvements to the existing law.

But nothing would surprise me: this is Westminster politics after all, where women have been sold out time and time again.

Plus ça change.