Yes I have been. Mainly because I was away all last week at the TUC Congress in Brighton, and I was staying in a hotel that had possibly the crappiest Internet connection I’ve ever experienced (and that cost me a small fortune to boot).

I won’t say too much about Congress – after all, we hardly set the world alight or fomented the next workers’ revolution while we were there: Jon’s got all the salient points covered over at Jon’s Union blog, so if you want to know anything about the motions and composites that were debated he’s your man.

During Congress I sat near Jon and by the end of the week I was suffering from what can only be described as ‘blog envy.’ There he was, typing away, live blogging from the conference floor, while all I could do was crawl back to my room exhausted at the end of each day and cross my fingers in desperate hope that the WiFi access I’d purchased from the hotel desk would maintain a connection long enough for me to actually get something done. It didn’t. One minute I had a signal, the next it was gone again. So in the end I gave up.

I finally asked Jon how he’d managed it, and he showed me his dongle.

I’m going to get me one of them! I can’t believe I didn’t even know they existed!

That’s the last time I resort to purchasing overpriced and unreliable Internet access from a hotel reception desk, and the last time I stay offline for any length of time.

Thanks Jon, although I suspect my Internet addiction counsellor won’t be impressed 🙂