You really couldn’t make this crap up. From the Observer:

“A family counsellor turned author has caused outrage by claiming in his latest book that if women want to stop their partners straying, it is their responsibility to stop them.

Gary Neuman, an American psychotherapist who has featured on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show and in Time magazine, has angered feminists by listing changes in behaviour that women should make in order to keep their companions faithful.

The tips – which Neuman says are ‘dedicated to helping wives’ – include: always forgiving him; giving him sex on demand; lavishing praise on him for providing for the family, even if earning more than him; rarely letting him out on his own with friends or work colleagues; and taking an interest in his hobbies.”

Yep, apparently it’s all our fault if our male partners go off and have affairs, and if we want to keep them, we’re going to have to accept the blame and learn to change:

“If a husband has already cheated, his wife’s role is to recognise that she needs to change” Says Neuman.

Do you know what I find really depressing about all this? Apart from the obvious woman-blaming shite obviously……

According to his resume, Gary Neuman not only gives counselling to the children of divorced parents (I dread to think what he tells them!), but he also gives training to mental health professionals working in domestic violence shelters.

That’s all we need. A misogynist victim blamer training domestic abuse professionals

Still, according to his site he “does read all of the email sent to him.”

Why not drop him a line.