I suppose I’ve been a bit spoilt up until now, as my blogging career so far has been limited to writing and then responding to pieces at the Guardian’s Comment is Free site, and over at Liberal Conspiracy. While I’ve taken my fair share of abuse from misogynists, I haven’t yet (as far as I know) attracted much ire from other feminists, and I’d pretty much assumed that even in authoring my own blog that situation would remain. We’re all sisters after all, and while we may have different opinions on a multitude of issues, we’re ultimately all fighting for the same cause. Aren’t we?

To be honest, now I’m not so sure. Before I went off on holiday last week I was aware that there had been issues between some feminist bloggers: I’ve been reading the feminist blogosphere for a number of years now, and although I rarely comment I do try and keep up with what’s going on. But when this latest one kicked off, I kept quiet, watched from the sidelines, and decided my best course of action was probably to keep well out of it. (sorry Debs.)

But now I’m back, and it seems that in my absence even more shit has hit the fan. This time Polly Styrene, one of my favourite ever bloggers, and someone I have a lot of respect for, has been subjected to what I can only describe (politely) as totally incomprehensible treatment by the F Word blog.

What the hell is going on?

As if there’s not enough for feminist activists to deal with, now we have to start fighting among ourselves?

For the record, I’ll make it clear right now that I’m really not interested in getting involved in blog wars, or in debates about who is and who isn’t entitled to call themselves a feminist. I’m just an opinionated woman who at some point or other in this blog is no doubt going to manage to inadvertently offend someone. If I do, and you’re one of the people I manage to piss off, just tell me, and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you; don’t write snidey posts about me on your or other people’s blogs,

I think we can all do without that kind of shit.

Oh, and I’ll deal with my own view of the term cis-gendered at a later date – but just to give you a clue: fuck off and stop taking the piss.