Trigger warning:

“Nothing I can say mitigates the crime,” said Levine, who plans to appeal. “Give him some hope of someday getting out. To do that is the humane thing to do.”

His argument fell on deaf ears.”

Fucking right too. This bastard should never be released.

“During the trial, the 23-year-old victim testified that she feared she would not survive the nightmarish April 13, 2007, assault in her Hamilton Heights studio apartment.

She described how Williams followed her from the elevator to her apartment door, forcing his way inside and repeatedly raping her.

“I thought after he took all my stuff, I thought he would leave,” she testified. “When he started raping me again, I was sure I was going to die.”

Over 19 hours, Williams tortured the victim as she pleaded for her life. He blinded her with bleach, scalded her with boiling water, sealed her lips with crazy glue, made her cut off her hair – and demanded she gouge out her eyes before slicing her eyelids.

He capped his fiendish crime by setting her ablaze while she lay bound to a futon frame.”

Words fail me.